Our goal is to inspire and motivate our clients to move beyond all mental and physical blockers to achieve and commit to a healthy lifestyle.

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Our training style follows an integrated progressive system that incorporates physical and performance benefits to assist our clients in accomplishing their fitness goals.

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We stand on the proverbs of “doing the work so that the results will speak for themselves.” No limitations, no excuses, no fad diets, only Results!!!

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All programs offers an intergrated fitness model for safe and effective progress as we also engage our clients in positive life changing coaching reinforcement.


Image 180 Fitness goal is to inspire all people to become the better version of themselves by helping them stay focus on what they want through training, educate, and our fitness techniques.


To witness our clients push passes all their limitations and excuses and transforms mind, body, and soul.

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  • Coach Jackie

    Jacqueline Richardson is a Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer with 23 years of experience in the fitness community and responsible for helping clients reach varies fitness goals while also achieving their wellness goals through accountability, mindset shaping, nutritious food, and physical training.

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  • Coach Brittany

    Brittany came to Image180 Fitness, first as a client in 2010 looking to lose a few pounds for her upcoming nuptials. Within 3 months, she had dropped 25 lbs and gained an amazing trainer and mentor.

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