Coach Brittany

Brittany came to Image180 Fitness, first as a client in 2010 looking to lose a few pounds for her upcoming nuptials. Within 3 months, she had dropped 25 lbs and gained an amazing trainer and mentor. She began working as an instructor for Image180 in July of 2010 and continued until 2016. When the program transitioned to its current location, Brittany returned as a client searching for the same intensity she had once been a part of. Unfortunately the pandemic closed the gym and sent everyone home to workout virtually. It was then that Brittany began to provide virtual fitness classes to the Image180 family. 
Brittany really enjoys providing group fitness classes, whether it be in person or virtually. She believes it is her job to motivate the clients and help them push through those tough workouts. The goal is for the clients to be challenged and ultimately successful.