Coach Jackie

Jacqueline Richardson is a Transformation Coach and Personal Trainer with 23 years of experience in the fitness community and responsible for helping clients reach varies fitness goals while also achieving their wellness goals through accountability, mindset shaping, nutritious food, and physical training.


Early in childhood Jackie was exposed to fitness as she watched her mother work out in their home using all the latest workout gadgets in the early 70’s. Once her mother married their household went through a dramatic change and food was on the top of the list. Often Jackie  complained about their new eating regimen, however, later in life those foods became a pillar in her own household. Being a mother of 7, those foods turned out to be staple items on her grocery list and were vital for helping her bounce back after childbirth.


Through many life trials and stumbles Jackie arrived at a point in life (1999) that brought her to embark on her own fitness journey, and soon she was sold on making it a lifestyle that later became a business. Jackie’s fitness excursion started by teaching group fitness (1999-2001), then spinning (2004-2006) and before long Body Image Fitness emerged (2006-present). Body Image Fitness eventually opened 3 locations in 3 cities Cleveland Ohio, Columbus Ohio, and Chicago IL. By 2016 Body Image Fitness closed it doors but Jackie continued to work as a successful trainer, in a private gym. During that time Jackie pursued two ministry degrees. And with one year left to complete her BA degree Body Image Fitness re-emerged and/is the established umbrella of the company’s trade name Image 180 Fitness.


Today, Body Image Fitness is presently located east of downtown Columbus, OH under the trade name Image 180 Fitness. The name change was appropriate due to the new programs Jackie developed to help her clients focus on the importance of nutrition, weight training, and consistency. Jackie holds several certifications in multiple categories through the accredited organization of NASM and currently pursuing her MDiv’s degree. Jackie strives to help men and women become better version of themselves mind, body, and spirit by encouraging them to go above and beyond their comfort zones. “Being the example of health is the best way to inspire others to become healthier.”


Welcome to Image 180 Fitness!!


NASM Certified as Master Professional Trainer, Behavioral Change Specialist, & Weight Loss Specialist.